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Fabricating the SBS Myth


April 25, 2007 - Phoenix, AZ.
In some countries people believe that April Fool's Day, just as St. Valentine's day, is derived from American culture. Although the origins of this day are not certain and there are many speculations as to where the practice of hoaxing people started, one thing is sure - April Fool's Day was not born of American tradition but was brought here by immigrants from Europe.

The most widely spread tale of the origins of April Fool's Day goes back to King Charles IX of France who in mid 16th century adopted the Gregorian Calendar and officially moved the New Year's celebrations from April to January. Those who refused to abide by the new calendar and still observed April 1 were called fools.

April Fool's Day is a day to pull off pranks or gags on others in hopes of getting a good laugh and for the obvious purpose of making one feel like a fool.

We interrupt ourselves for a ScottoBobScotto Public Disservice moment: This is the 3rd year creating an April Fool's Web Gag ala Burning Man...


After the successful launch of BRCellular in 2006, planning began in earnest for 04/01/07. A plethora of ideas were tossed back & forth on a Saturday afternoon in Phoenix with my Partner WildChild.

Creating five Web Sites would be a formidable task amongst all the other things I am involved in as ten months can go by quickly. A fellow co-worker, Brett, assisted me in Email & Form Validation and the project was off to a great start.  The myth of SBS Consolidated & its family of companies started to come to life over the next few months.

Trash Fence - 2006
I hope that you enjoyed perusing the web sites of the SBS Consolidated Family of Companies as much I did in creating them.
Ideas, Designs & Domains are already in the works for 04/01/08, stay tuned cause another April Fool's Web Gag ala Burning Man by ScottoBobScotto will be hitting your Inbox in 342 Days.