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  • nah. it was good, but the best one ever was when someone started the rumor that MTV was coming to do a concert thingy in Center Camp all week. but perhaps I've become jaded....

  • Re: SBS Consolidated - A Playa Services Company Just Scotto's annual April Fool's greeting...he's good...he even tricked the BMORG once.

  • This was a good one! He did a good job making that website look read. A lot of folks fell for it. But that means a lot of you really really care about burner culture and don't want to see it exploited. Very cool!
    Happy April Fools day ya'll!

  • Looks OK, But I still prefer to do all of my playa shopping at

  • Is this a joke? I mean, whatever happened to "Safety Third"?

  • THAT is fuckin' hilarious!!!!!

  • nicely done Scotto! : )

  • Thank you, thank you, thank you! - Will you be my friend?

  • Good job! Wishing you a great April Fools Day!

  • WOW, you put a lot of work in to this one :) Thanks, I've been looking forward to it :)

  • Scotto, You f ing ROCK.

  • Scotto has again proven the strength and brilliance of Arizona ingenuity. Having far too much spare time, Scotto earns our appreciation for his commercial excellence: brisk marketing techniques and compelling graphics. As CEO of his company, Scotto has, of course, complied with S.E.C. requirements forbidding the mention of stock sales in standard advertising communications.

    Playa participants and other speculators seeking investment opportunities with this year's exciting market scorcher, SBS, Consolidated (NYSE: bscon)should please contact: As with the Burning Man Festival itself, past performance does not guarantee future returns.

  • Give me a job. I can lift heavy things and drive big trucks and build a giant blender to throw used hippys in...

  • Nicely done! What can one say about perfection! Can I send in my Resume - I want to be a crowd!

  • Scotto, too funny, you have way too much time on your hands. That web site must have taken weeks to put together. Well done. Thanks.

  • I hit it big on a slot machine in the men's room of a Denny's on the way out of Reno ... I got crazy money to invest, dude!!

  • Good one Scotto. Happy April Fools.

  • I don’t got no résumé, But I do have a big red nose and the desire to wear it. Interested??

  • If you're the person who created SBS Consolidated, well, hats off to you! How very, very clever. I don't recall being so puzzled. I laughed and laughed (after feeling sheepish about not "getting" it without a clue) and then forwarded it to others (who, I was happy to learn, were also befuddled). Great work! Thanks for a fine BMan project. (And I can't tell you how relieved I am to know this is not real!)

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