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SBS Consolidated & its Family of Companies was a success.  I had an amazing time launching the sites from the Radio-Electra Fundraiser.  With a Laptop logging into my Home PC, the sites were let loose on the web.

We processed 38 Orders, 4 Résumés & 2 Prospectus Requests.

Tragedy Befalls Radio-Electra Fundraiser - What a SHIAT Storm followed in the wake of this site.  We all have our opinions about what crosses a line, but since the line does not exist until it has been crossed, one never knows where the line will be.


  • This is great! - I will send my check today! -Will there be more services offered? Can't wait to hear what.

  • I was very confused by this myself...I had always heard no selling.

  • Brilliant - looked really good until i see a company grossing 86K with a market value of 34 million? Lol

  • April Fool's Day provided by SBS Services. False rumors are a BM staple.
    Are you sure about what is the truth.

  • LOL!!! Jeez how dumb can we all be. April fools...I hope.

  • What a fantastic service!! I will definitely be using you to make my playa experience much more manageable.

  • just in case you forgot what day it is: Disclaimer - They did this last year with the burning man cell phone thing.

  • Folks... Take a closer look at today's date. April 1. Hello. Beuhler. Anyone?

  • April Fool's Day provided by SBS Services. This was a good one! He did a good job making that website look real. A lot of folks fell for it. But that means a lot of you really really care about burner culture and don't want to see it exploited. Very cool! - Happy April Fools day ya'll!

  • Fortune 420...SBS Consolidated is currently ranked number 420 on the latest Fortune 420 listing of the smallest U.S. Corporations. An outstanding company indeed! I'll bet it has excellent green practices too.

  • Yeah - sure - clever manipulation of web images and story - bravo, I like April Fools - but why tragic group death as the theme?

  • I'm going to apply for a job and move to Gerlach! might I be a silly *fool* to believe this?

  • Watch for my application and resume in the mail!

  • I dunno, I always liked the simplicity of "paid porta potties"...

  • Thanks for posting this. Are they kidding? This is the kind of thing that's going to proliferate now that John Law has won his lawsuit against BM Org. While I will look forward to a beer pavilion, I'm not sure this is the right direction for Burning Man.

  • It's a shame people like Sparkle will never experience the relatively-
    non-commercial BM ever again.

  • I Kind of like some of the services, the structure assistance package seems like a good deal. Who wouldn't want some extra help? I'm impressed with the prices, the rental prices on the heater sounds like a good deal, and while I doubt I'll be hanging out in the beer garden, it sure would be nice to be able to run down to center camp and grab a few cases of premium. We'll have to wait and see how this works out.

  • Looks great - 'I want to be a Crowd' (with premium beer in hand of

  • What the FUCK!!!!!! I don't understand why this is OK. It just makes everything so much easier, less stress, what a great concept!

  • No Kidding easier.. They have an agreement with Pizza Hut and Wall mart too, so I'm not hauling out anything this year, I'm having it all delivered and just writing SBS a check..

  • Greening the Man: Radical changes from the home office Message List

  • This was just released by the BMORG offices, and I look forward to hearing your responses. It takes courage to make these transitions, but as burners who leave no trace, I'm sure you'll agree it is necessary.

  • THAT is fuckin' hilarious!!!!! ..

  • EXCELLENT Scotto! but your going to have a lot of disappointed burners when they realize this is a joke! ...

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