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Comments  - Tragedy Befalls Radio-Electra Fundraiser!!!


April Fool's Day - A Day to be Fooled, - A Day of Jocularity.  I cannot believe the SHIAT Storm that was created as this site started to be viewed.  We all have our opinions about what crosses a line, but since the line does not exist until it has been crossed, one never knows where the line will be.

Most recently Don Imus came under fire for Racial remarks about the Rutgers's Women's Basketball Team.  Our social standards most certainly have ethical & moral walls about this type of speech and in the end Imus was removed from Radio & TV.


The Tragedy Befalls Radio-Electra Fundraiser web parity was not racially motivated, and as I was creating it I did not realize there was a moral & ethical wall about tragic group Death & Fire.  I do not believe the Fire April Fool's issue to be any worse then the Political Cartoons I view each day from the newspaper. So I stand by my right to create what I THINK is funny...Peace be with you all my friends, attack as often as you like, that is your right, as I have mine...

  • Damn, Scotto. Ya almost had me there for a moment! Good one, nice link too!

  • YES, YOU CERTAINLY DID...Jesus Scotto, you get a spanking in JT when I see you for that one!!! these April fools jokes are killing me today!

  • Yeah, even though something didn't sit quite well with me when I was reading the "article", (I hadn't noticed that the fire marshal's name, yet), I had completely forgotten that it was April 1st, and it got me probably better than any April Fool's joke EVER.

  • Not Gary - Scotto, NO WAY is that Gary being led away in handcuffs -- he'd NEVER wear a shirt that nice!

  • I hope that this is a joke.

  • Well, yeah, that's why I asked the question. But I have a hard time believing anyone would think this was a funny joke.

  • Scotto remind me to slap you when I see you next. not a great way to start my morning.

  • imagine how your heart must have stopped if you were an AZBurner who hadn't attended the fundraiser last night. no sh**! humor is a very subjective thing...

To whom it may concern,

I don't know if you are responsible for the April Fool's Day "hoax" in which the death of three people, the personal injury of 19 others, and the arrest of another was cited, so I must maintain an objective approach here. I will only say that, if you are this person, please seek psychiatric help. Today. NOW. This person is sick and in immediate need of treatment and confinement, and under no circumstance should have access to a mass communication device of any kind, ever again.

  • terrible hope it all works out.

  • OMFG!!! that's even better than the last one ... Phil McCrevice.......AHHHHAHAHHHH!!!!!!!

  • You ALMOST got me with that one Ya fuck! Scotto ROCKS!!

  • AHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAAHAHAH! - yep. - totally got me :)
  • I got sick last night so I wasn't able to go, and my first thought was "aaaaaaaaaah, all my friends were there!!!!!!!!"

  • That was a hell of a thing to spring on me at 3 this morning. I will admit I forget it was April fools day. He had me going for a minute.

  • Phil MyCrevice, Fire Chief, was the first clue... ;-) It was a great show, almost disturbing! Glad I was there!
  • I've seen Gary in cuffs before... it is not a pretty sight...good one Scotto!
  • I was in Seattle for the Utilikilts grand opening party, out late and not much sleep. Woke up early to find everyone huddling around the computer reading an article. Some read out loud "He was arrested"

    I was like "hey, what are you guys reading"? Fire Cock goes, this was in Tucson and showed me the headlines. I was like what the fuck, Radio Electra fund raiser, people killed, Gary arrested, OH SHIT, WHERE'S MY PHONE??

    FUCK, FUCK, off into the other room to find my phone, these are my people, oh shit. Then from the other room I hear, oh April fools. At that moment I cursed Scotto under my breath! Damn you! My heart sank when I first read that, and Scotto, FUCK OFF!!!!

  • Seriously, a slap and a kick. ;)

  • I second that... and add a big kick in the butt.

  • I hope that this is a very sick April fool's day joke. I was in Prescott this morning helping Mr. God with the center camp structure when blaze picked-up a very large fire generating apparatus to bring to the fund raiser in Tucson. so large that it needed its own trailer.

    I sympathize, but you gotta follow the links and read the whole entry before letting your knickers get in a twist, especially on April Fool's Day. I was suspicious, but I had to read the whole thing before I was sure.

    CampDaddy, you should keep some hugs in abeyance for when your more credulous CampKiddies get worried.

    Scotto's good at what he does -- maybe he could moonlight at The Onion!


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