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Burning Man Theme 2007 - Change - Burning Man Web Team


Subject: Greening the Man

In 2007, we will calculate the amount of climate changing gases that are released into the air by the construction and the burning of the Man and its pedestal. This is called a carbon footprint. Then we'll sponsor projects in the outside world that will efface this imprint. Such actions might include the planting of trees or the development of non-polluting energy resources. Having played with fire, we'll take care to cleanse its atmospheric playground.

We are taking some radical measures to ensure that Black Rock City will be the largest "Green" community in the world. These steps will all be covered soon in more detail but this is the outline.

1. A Vehicle free Playa - No gas powered vehicles will be parked within the perimeter of Black Rock City. We will have an adjacent parking area approximately a quarter of a mile away. Cars and trucks will be able to unload at camp but then must park in the lot. Those choosing to come in RVs will have a separate RV lot to park in. We will also be operating a number of bio-diesel fueled buses to bring you and your equipment from the parking area to your camps. Art Cars will not be affected by this.

2. People are the Power - Another step we are taking is a power grid for all of Burning man. We will not be allowing generators this year unless they run on bio-diesel or a solar source. We will be providing a solar power grid for Burning man assisted by a "power plant" run by the power of Burning man attendees. We will have bicycles and "hamster wheels" that YOU will use to power all of Burning man. We are still working out how access to the grid will be provided and details will be given soon.

3. "Burning Potties" - We have reached a deal with Incinolet
to use their new waste system that uses a powerful heater and blower to reduce your human waste into ash. We will provide participants with plenty of ash bags.

By starting with these simple steps we will continue to ensure that Burning man is a proving ground for a better society.

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