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Burning Burning Shade - Burning Man....Stress Free....

Are you feeling tired, overwhelmed, stretched too thin On-Playa? Are your Playa Days manically spent trying to find that missing piece of hardware, connector or tarp? Do you find yourself saying “I never seem to have enough time at Burning Man to do what I really want to do. Sometimes, I think I’m a slave to my Theme Camp and its infrastructure." Let Burning Shade be your salvation.



Playa Beer - Beers from the Exotic to the Erotic

Tired of the same old Beer? Beer from a CAN? Bored with Tecate & Milwaukee's Best?   Stop by the Playa Beer Pavilion located in Center Camp for a frosty mug, or order now and pick up On-Playa.  From Pale Ale's to Stout, brewed with 'Real Playa' for an authentic Burning Man taste.



Fire Safety

Fire Safety Squad - Never Light up Alone Again

It is estimated that between 75% - 90% of all Burn Related calls during the Burn Year 2006, could have been prevented, if only the services of The Fire Safety Squad were in place. The mission of the Fire Safety Squad is to protect those that engage in Fire Spinning from the effects of accidental clothing or skin ignition.




Get Crowded - Got Audience?

Disappointed with LOW turnout at your Theme Camps Playa Events? Your listed in the Who, What, Where, When and still NO ONE shows up.  Get Crowded with our help...